Benefit FAQ
I want to change my benefit elections. How can I do this?
Changes to your benefit elections can only be made during our annual open enrollment, unless you experience a qualifying event. For more information regarding qualifying events, go to If you think you need to change your benefits and there is a qualifying event, please email [email protected]
Service Records FAQ
Will someone in HR contact my previous employer(s) for my service record?
Yes, we will attempt to contact your previous district to request your service record(s). However, if we do not receive them within a few weeks, we will ask you to contact them and it will be your responsibility to make sure we receive it.
Will I be notified when HR receives my service records?
Yes, we will try to send you a courtesy email letting you know what we have received and the number of years we are awarding you. However, if there is a high volume of service records received, we may not be able to email you. You can email [email protected] for the status of service records received.
What is the turnaround time for the review of service records provided by previous employer(s)?
Review of service records are done within 24-48 hours of being received, depending on the volume. We will keep your original service records on fine.
What happens if my service records are not received by the first pay date? Will I get my missing years' experience on my next paycheck?
Your pay will only reflect the years of experience we have verified. If you provide service records after you have already been paid, we ill retro your missing experience pay.
How do I know how many years' experience I received and what my salary is?
We will send Salary Letters to your campus in September for you to sign and verify the information is correct. Any discrepancies can then be addressed.
I am resigning before the end of the year, how do I request my service record?
Please go to to request your service record. It will be mailed to the address you provide in 2-3 weeks from your request.
I am resigning at the end of the school year, can I get my service record right away?
No, all employees fulfilling their contracted days will get service records mid-July.
I am a previous employee of LISD, how do I request my service record(s)?
Please go to to request your service records. Include your name, dates employed with LISD, and the address you want your service record sent.
Changing Employee Information FAQ
I need to change my direct deposit, name or address with the district. How can I do this?
If you need to make any changes to your employee information, please email [email protected] to get more information on forms to fill out to process any changes.

Additional Questions? Please email [email protected]