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Contact Information for LISD Business Services

Abby Zernial
Business Manager
Federal Programs

Abby Zernial

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Prepare and monitor budget
  • Maintain the district’s investment portfolio
  • Ensure that all financial obligations are met on a timely basis
  • Implement and maintain internal controls
  • Oversee the auditing program
  • Oversee monthly reconciliations
  • Attend board meetings and make presentations when appropriate and/or requested
  • Manage all federal programs: applications, reports, compliance, communication, meetings, etc.
  • Participate in the drafting of project proposals and reports, including the writing and development of program goals, objectives, and budget for federal/special funding/grant of programs including preparing and submitting standard applications & reconciliation for federal funds to Texas Education Agency (TEA)
  • Evaluate all federal legislation, projects, and programs for grant, entitlement, and allocation opportunities relevant to the needs of the district to ensure compliance
Tiffany McFarland
Purchasing Coordinator
Accounts Payable

Tiffany McFarland

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Analyze and process invoices, purchasing, vendor management, quotes, contracts
  • Reconcile vendors statements, invoices, product, inventory, records & record retention
  • Travel request and expense reports, reimbursements, receipts, verifications
  • Input and approve all check requests credit card expense & management
  • Review and/or enter requisitions
  • Verify and post cash receipts from all campuses/departments into the financial software
  • Preparing 1099 tax documents for vendors
Tatum Bolton
Payroll Coordinator

Tatum Bolton

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Direct and control all payroll preparation, production and procedures
  • Train all approvers on time card and function pay approval
  • Work with human resources during the process of hiring, leave, terminations, and other employment-related issues
  • Enter all new employee and substitute information daily: W-4, direct deposit
  • Verify new employee status with TRS to ensure correct processing of TRS contributions and TRS related reports
  • Process all new hires, terminations, leave, etc
  • Process all wage withholding orders from OAG, IRS, Department of Treasury, and Student Loan Wage Garnishments
  • Reconcile TRS, FBS, Bank Recs, NBS, EECU
  • Process payment of all liabilities generated through payroll, including taxes, Teacher
  • Retirement System (TRS) deposits, insurance, and wage garnishments
  • Create Positive Pay File for Wells Fargo for payroll/deduction checks
  • Complete and submit all employee requests for verification of employment for LISD
  • Prepare quarterly payroll reports for processing 

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