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Contact Information for LISD Business Services

Denise Stone
Chief Financial Officer

Denise Stone

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Prepare and monitor budget
  • Maintain the district’s investment portfolio
  • Ensure that all financial obligations are met on a timely basis
  • Implement and maintain internal controls
  • Oversee the auditing program
  • Oversee monthly reconciliations
  • Attend board meetings and make presentations when appropriate and/or requested
Abby Zernial
Purchasing Coordinator
Federal Programs
Accounts Payable

M Zernial

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Analyze and process invoices, purchasing, vendor management, quotes, contracts
  • Reconcile vendors statements, invoices, product, inventory, records & record retention
  • Travel request and expense reports, reimbursements, receipts, verifications
  • Input and approve all check requests credit card expense & management
  • Review and/or enter requisitions
  • Manage all federal programs: applications, reports, compliance, communication, meetings, etc.
  • Participate in the drafting of project proposals and reports, including the writing and development of program goals, objectives, and budget for federal/special funding/grant of programs including preparing and submitting standard applications & reconciliation for federal funds to Texas Education Agency (TEA)
  • Evaluate all federal legislation, projects, and programs for grant, entitlement, and allocation opportunities relevant to the needs of the district to ensure compliance
  • Verify and post cash receipts from all campuses/departments into the financial software
  • Preparing 1099 tax documents for vendors
Kristi Lee
Payroll Coordinator


Responsibilities and Duties
  • Direct and control all payroll preparation, production and procedures
  • Train all approvers on time card and function pay approval
  • Work with human resources during the process of hiring, leave, terminations, and other employment-related issues
  • Enter all new employee and substitute information daily: W-4, direct deposit
  • Verify new employee status with TRS to ensure correct processing of TRS contributions and TRS related reports
  • Process all new hires, terminations, leave, etc
  • Process all wage withholding orders from OAG, IRS, Department of Treasury, and Student Loan Wage Garnishments
  • Reconcile TRS, FBS, Bank Recs, NBS, EECU
  • Process payment of all liabilities generated through payroll, including taxes, Teacher
  • Retirement System (TRS) deposits, insurance, and wage garnishments
  • Create Positive Pay File for Wells Fargo for payroll/deduction checks
  • Complete and submit all employee requests for verification of employment for LISD
  • Prepare quarterly payroll reports for processing